Vincent Tabak found guilty of murdering Joanna Yeates

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By AbigailEdge | Friday, October 28, 2011, 15:15

Vincent Tabak was today found guilty of murdering Bristol landscape architect Joanna Yeates as it was revealed that he had become obsessed with images of women being strangled during sex.

A jury of six men and six women announced a majority verdict (10-2) at Bristol Crown Court at around 3.15pm on the third day of deliberations.

Tabak has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 20 years.

It can now be revealed that in the weeks before throttling 25-year-old Miss Yeates at her flat in Canynge Road in Clifton, Tabak paid a prostitute having trawled escort and violent pornography websites.

Footage found on his laptops depicted women tied up in car boots – a chilling likeness to the way Tabak drove to Asda to buy beer, crisps and rock salt with Miss Yeates's body in the boot of his Renault Megane.

Three pictures also showed a blonde woman in a pink T-shirt and jeans closely resembling Miss Yeates on the night of her death, with her top pulled up in a similar pose to how Tabak dumped Miss Yeates’s body.

Miss Yeates's strangled and snow-covered body was found by dog walkers last Christmas Day in Longwood Lane, Failand,

Tabak, 33, had denied murder but admitted manslaughter, telling the court he had panicked after she rebuffed his attempts to kiss her.

The Dutch engineer, who never had a proper relationship until he met his girlfiend Tanja Morson online, was accused of misleading jurors by portraying himself as sexually inexperienced.

However, he regularly trawled the internet for sex websites, including redtube and checked out live chat, strippers and escorts.

Tabak paid for sex with a call girl while on a business trip to Los Angeles less than two weeks before killing Miss Yeates. He had also contacted prostitutes in Newcastle last year.

His depraved secrets were not heard by jurors trying him for murder.

But detectives privately believe he killed Miss Yeates in a bid to re-enact his violent perversions.

On the morning of her death Tabak logged on to a pornographic website and while there was no evidence of a sex attack on Miss Yeates, police believe he was aroused and gaining sexual gratification from the killing.

In the weeks after the murder, Tabak searched "Jo Yeates" on Google minutes before logging on to view several home-made sex videos.

Nigel Lickley QC, who made two failed applications to include the evidence in the prosecution case, told Bristol Crown Court how pornography depicting violence was found “in a series of films”.

“We submit that these images explain why he held Miss Yeates by the neck,” he told Mr Justice Field in the absence of the jury.



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    I've been a juror in the past and I can assure you the judge is very skilful at making the jury understand what is at stake, even without all the information. He/she will make it plain to you, by what is said, how serious the case is and guide you through the complicated technical points. I can understand why the verdict wasn't unanimous because it really isn't easy if you are just an ordinary person who is not used to the system. My cases were no way near as serious as this, but the burden of making the decision to affect someone's life is huge. It's not something I would chose to do again.
    The hardest part of making a decision is when the judge emphasises 'beyond all doubt' it is always in the back of your mind when weighing up the evidence.
    The problem I believe Mr Jefferies got into was because he didn't tell the police everything and then mentioned seeing 3 people to a neighbour. Somehow the police found this suspicious but we will probably never know the whole story. At least Tabak admitted he did the crime, just imagine what it is like for the family and friends when the accused refuses to.
    I'm just glad the case has come to a conclusion and hopefully all involved can eventually find some peace to carry on with the rest of their lives. RIP Jo.

    By Irritable9 at 14:12 on 29/10/11

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    Sorry, didn't see your post when I posted mine.

    By Erinaceus at 13:35 on 29/10/11

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    "At least there was a conviction despite the Judge doing everything in his power to make it otherwise."

    It might look like that, but I'd guess that his motivation was to prevent Tabak weaseling out on appeal. Not only is he an accomplished liar, but he can afford to employ the best professional liars to put his case.

    By Erinaceus at 13:07 on 29/10/11

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    @ Charlespk
    'Imagine acquitting him and then finding out the truth about his activities afterwards.'

    But they didn't acquit him.

    By Walkthetalk at 13:01 on 29/10/11

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    @ Chidley
    'At least there was a conviction despite the Judge doing everything in his power to make it otherwise.'

    Sorry but you're talking rubbish.

    By Walkthetalk at 12:43 on 29/10/11

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