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Groups SimonPeevers Created


    Clifton's Finest

    This group is simply to celebrate the best of what Clifton has to offer, the well known places and the undiscovered gems.

    24 members


    Clifton Business People

    For the business community. Run a business in BS8? We want your stories/profiles. Upload your own content or email me

    43 members


    General Election 2010

    Everything related to the election, candidates, MPs, who they are, what they do and everything in between. Have your say on policies, or just vent.

    6 members


    Running Club

    Group for all stories and events related to the running club for people who hate running clubs.

    9 members


    Joanna Yeates

    This group is dedicated to news about Joanna Yeates, of Canynge Road, who was tragically murdered shortly before Christmas.

    8 members

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Groups SimonPeevers Joined

  • Profile image for Mentor Consultancy

    Training and personall development

    This group is for those interested in or involved in training and personal development. Key areas: communication, presentation, interpersonal skills

    29 members

  • Profile image for LastingTrib

    Tributes and obituaries

    Remembering those we have lost - sharing memories and celebrating lives

    4 members

  • Profile image for coopslad

    Whiteladies Road

    Discussion about Whiteladies Road - pubs, shops, good and bad.

    65 members

  • Profile image for Bristol Photographer - Events PR Corporate PR

    Strictly Photography....!!!!

    There are so many groups for this, that and the other and plenty of photographic and art groups too, but why don't we JAZZ this one up a little....

    23 members

  • Profile image for Peevo

    The Village People

    Life in Clifton Village

    39 members

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